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    The Governor has extended the school closure indefinitely.  Will will inform you when the closure is lifted. 

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Technology Tips for Parents and Students

Central Fulton uses many technology tools that are available for students to use at home.  To have the best experiece while at home, below are some recommendations.

We are a Google school, heavily utilizing G Suite for Education.  This suite of tools provides Docs, Drive, Sheets, and many other tools for student to create and store work.  As such, we HIGHLY recommend using the Google Chrome web broswer, which can be downloaded for free on many devices.  You can find Chrome for your device at this link.

Once you have downloaded and installed Chrome, your child can log in to Chrome from the "Manage People" menu with their school email address and password.  For more information on how the manage people, see this article from Google.

Once a student logs in to Chrome, all of their settings, bookmarks, and the "cfsd.info bookmarks" folder will sync to the device.  This is especially helpful becuase all security settings and plug-ins required for school curriculum tools will be loaded onto the device automatically.  

From the "cfsd.info bookmarks" folder in Chrome, students can access their Clever portal, which allows single-sign-on by simply clicking the icon for the tool/webiste the student wishes to use.  We recommend access ALL curriculum tools through the Clever portal.  


If you are conisdering purchasing a device for your student to use at home, we recommend a Chromebook.  Many manufacturers make Chromebooks, and almost any of them will work with our tools.  If a student logs in to a Chromebook with their school email address and password, ALL of their school tools will be loaded for them automatically.  Our web filter will even filter their web browsing to keep them safe while online.

Here are some links to some of our favorite Chromebooks:

There are many options, so choose one that meets your needs and budget.